Medical Cannabis Restriction and Limitation Initiative Qualified for the June 2014 Ballot!!!

A huge thank you to all the supporters of the Medical Cannabis Restriction and Limitation Initiative. We did it!

Yesterday the Santa Ana city council members announced that our initiative was given a random sample check instead of the full check in order to save the city money. The random check only being $1,750 and the full check being close to $58k.

According to the random sample we had over 110% signatures needed to qualify for the next general election June 2014.

Below is a link provided by the city of Santa Ana that summarizes the Initiative below. I will also be updating the full Initiative soon.

Turned in 16,900 Signatures!!!

On Thursday January 24th 2013 we turned in 16,948 signatures to the city of Santa Ana.

Thank you all for your support.

We are now waiting for the signatures to be verified which can take up to 30 days.

Once signatures are verified city council will decided whether to adopt the measure or put it to vote.

Start Gathering Signatures


SANTA ANA, CA August 10, 2012- Medical marijuana advocates and patients have begun collecting signatures for a voter initiative that would replace the ban on medical marijuana collectives in Santa Ana with a registration process. The intention of the Initiative is to fulfill State law and ensure safe access for medical marijuana patients in Santa Ana.

The City presented the title and summary on July 31, 2012 for The Medical Cannabis Restriction and Limitation Initiative giving the proponents 180 days to collect the needed signatures to qualify for a special election or the next regular election in 2014.

The Medical Cannabis Restriction and Limitation Initiative is sponsored by the Committee to Support Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative PAC lead by longtime Orange County activists. The Initiative would amend the current City ban on medical marijuana collectives and step up a ministerial administrative process for the City Director of Planning to carry out for a registration process for qualified collectives and grant them a Notice of Completed registration. Some of the qualifications include operating prior to the end of 2011,  being located in a specific zone in the City, not being within 600 feet of a school K-12 and prohibits collectives in residential zones.

The Initiative would also set up a new business tax classification and require collectives to pay a 2% prospective gross sales tax, twice the regular business City tax. The intention of the tax is for the betterment of the community and goes to the City general fund.

The Initiative allows on collective or cooperative for every 15,000 residents or portion therefore as established by the Federal Census or the State Department of Finance. The Initiative states that there shall be no less then 22 collectives or cooperatives at any one time and includes standards of operation such as proper security, prohibition of a liquor license, signage and all requirements of the 2008 State Attorney General Guideline for Security and Non-diversion of Marijuana Grown for Medical Use.

The Committee to Support Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative Political Action Committee was formed in 2012 as a voice of the medical marijuana community and supporters in Santa Ana and to lead the Initiative.

To get involved in the campaign please visit our website or email the Principal Officer Kandice Hawes at